Target Groups

Direct target groups

  • Preschool children for the development of early key skills that increase school readiness and create a base for the early academic skills, in order to equalize opportunities and the likelihood of positive life outcomes for all children, especially those facing various barriers.
  • Parents of preschool children – the needs of children at this age cannot be viewed separately from parents, in the sense that parents are responsible for meeting them. Therefore, parental support is seen as a channel to support the optimal development of the child. For this reason, it is important to provide parents with information and tools so they can support their children in developing the skills.

Indirect target group

  • PS TEACHERS – adequate preparation of children for school with key early skills to which the planned range of early academic knowledge and skills can be more easily upgraded, in order to reduce the pressure on teachers and other school staff.
  • ECEC TEACHERS – increased parental cooperation and support to their work in home environment, to reduce the pressure on educators, especially in current pandemic situation. Having this in mind, through the C2L project, we plan to develop a curriculum-based tool for assessing, developing and tracking the early key skills (school readiness).