The central PR of this project is the C2L mobile app for assessing, monitoring and developing school readiness through digitalization of activities for the development of key competencies. The tool is designed with 3 main features in mind:

  1. Assessment and monitoring of skill development through digitalization of PR2. Through this, each parent will have an insight into the progress of its child, but also see how useful the app is.
  2. Skill development through digitalization of PR1. The development tool will be designed in such a way that each day during the preparation period, the application offers parents 3 activities for quality time with the child who at the same time develops early key competencies. One of the proposed activities will be in digital form, and the other two offline with the aim of limiting screen time for children of preschool age.
  3. Parental support through digitalization of PR1.

Initially, the first activity involves designing the guidelines for digitalization of C2L assessment and development tool will be developed by the expert work group and on the research conducted during the previous PRs. Subsequently, the second activity entails the development of the mobile application that will contain options such as a detailed description of key competences, skill development tool, materials for parents etc. Simultaneously, the consortium will be monitoring and writing materials, in addition to articles required for the application. Once all of this is completed, the pilot-testing phase will be initiated, in which the application will be tested and evaluated by 5 (at least) experts. Based on this experience, 3 focus groups will be organized, 1 in each country, where experts will get the chance to evaluate the app. Based on the testing, partners will create recommendations for further development. Finally, the last phase is the Beta testing and evaluation by parents and children. Each partner country will involve 5 parents who will, with their children test the app for 1 month. After the testing period 3 focus groups will be held, one in each country, and the app will be evaluated from the perspective of the target group. 

Articles to Support Transition from Early Childhood Education and Care to Primary School

Pilot Testing

Pilot Testing in Cyprus
Pilot Testing in Cyprus
Pilot Testing in Serbia