The aim of this tool is to assess and monitor child’s progress on validated competences by their parents. Since the tool will be intended for use by parents and created with this user group in mind, when creating it, care will be taken to make it user friendly, simple in language, to explain in detail the meaning of each competence and results, the importance of developing competencies and parental role in it.

Initially, the first step involves the development of the C2L school readiness assessment tool for parents: the material will be used to assess the current competencies of children and monitor skill development exclusively through the app developed as PR3. It will be developed through a literature review and work group consisting of members of a partner consortium, psychologists with experience in developing simple psychometric tools and with support of PR1 expert work group. The assessment tool will be developed based on the results of PR1, i.e., its goal will be to monitor the child’s progress in each validated skill through a simple check list of acquired skills within the whole of one competence.

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