The consortium will develop a METHODOLOGICAL FRAMEWORK according to which it will validate early key competencies of children and key competencies of parents to support children in transition from ECEC to school. This will be done through M1 to M4 of the project implementation. Subsequently, the second activity of this PR involves the VALIDATION OF KEY COMPETENCIES which is divided into two parts:

  • To validate of key competencies of the child in the transition between preschool and school.
  • To define the key competencies of parents whose children are in transition from preschool to school.

 These two activities will be done through scientific literature review and interviews with experts and parents, and based on the methodological framework. The interviews will be conducted by the remaining partners, and participants will be reached through partner organizations’ networks and eTwinning and School Education Getaway tools in order to provide broader EU perspective. Each partner will create a document with their findings.

 Evidently, after gathering all the required information, the third activity compromises the development of the ACTIVITIES AND MATERIALS TO SUPPORT CHILDREN AND PARENTS. In this phase, the activity will be done through scientific literature review and a (at least) 5 people expert work group which will be formed by members of the consortium and motivated experts interviewed for the second activity. The first step will be the literature review, followed by at least 2 expert work groups on line meetings, where findings will be discussed in detail.

Literature Review and National Reports

Compilation report