The CARE2LEARN project is excited to announce the successful completion of the pilot testing phase for our innovative mobile application designed to support early childhood education and school readiness. This milestone marks a significant step forward in our mission to empower parents, educators, and children during the critical transition from early childhood education and care (ECEC) to primary school (PS).

The CARE2LEARN mobile app is a user-friendly tool that helps parents and educators assess and support the development of key competencies in children aged five and older. The app includes features such as a comprehensive assessment tool, personalized recommendations, and a library of resources and articles on child development.

The pilot testing phase involved almost 20 children and their parents from three different partner countries, alongside 15 educators and experts in early childhood education. Over a month, participants engaged with the app, providing valuable feedback on its usability, effectiveness, and overall impact on children’s readiness for school.

Key Findings

1. Positive Reception: Both parents and educators found the app intuitive and easy to navigate. The clear structure and engaging interface made it accessible for users with varying levels of technical proficiency.

 2. Effective Assessment: The assessment tool was praised for its comprehensiveness and ability to provide actionable insights into children’s development. Parents appreciated the personalized recommendations, which helped them understand how to support their child’s growth effectively.

3. Enhanced Engagement: The app fostered greater involvement from parents in their children’s early education. By offering practical tips and resources, it encouraged parents to take an active role in preparing their children for school.

4. Educator Support: Educators highlighted the app’s potential to complement their efforts in the classroom. It provided a valuable resource for tracking children’s progress and identifying areas needing additional support.

With the pilot testing phase complete, the CARE2LEARN team is now focused on finalizing the app for public release. We are committed to ensuring that the app is a robust and effective tool for enhancing early childhood education across Europe.

We invite parents, educators, and stakeholders to stay tuned for the official launch of the CARE2LEARN mobile app. Together, we can make a significant impact on the early education landscape, providing children with the best possible start on their educational journey.