DATE:  11/2021

HOSTING ORGANIZATION: Parents’ Association “Step by Step”


💬 “School helps young people acquire basic life skills and competences that are necessary for their personal development. The quality of a pupil’s school experience affects not only their development, but also their place in society, level of educational attainment, and employment opportunities. Early childhood education and care (ECEC) and primary education are important to prepare pupils for the secondary level of their education.” (European Union, 2021).
📢👉 We proudly announce the beginning of a new Erasmus+ KA2 Project CARE2LEARN (C2L), which aims to develop an early intervention tool to tackle learning disadvantages by strengthening early key skills of children to lay quality foundations for their education and chances of positive life outcomes, but also relieve parents, ECEC and school system from additional pressure.
💻 During the meeting, the consortium examined the main objectives of the project, the main Project Results we will devise, in addition to discussions related to Quality Assurance, Evaluation and Dissemination.