Supporting the Transition from Early Childhood Education and Care to Primary School


The CARE2LEARN project aims to develop an early intervention tool to tackle learning disadvantages.

Target Groups

Preschool children, parents of preschool children, PS teachers, ECEC teachers


01/11/2021 - 01/05/2024

Project Aims

The CARE2LEARN project aims to develop an early intervention tool to tackle learning disadvantages by strengthening early key skills of children to lay quality foundations for their education and chances of positive life outcomes, but also relieve parents, ECEC and school system from additional pressure.


The goals of the CARE2LEARN project, and all of its activities and project results are, as follows:

  1. Increased key early competencies and thus the likelihood of early academic success and positive life outcomes for children at EU level.
  2. Increased capacity of parents of preschool children to provide support to children for the development of early key skills and early academic achievement.
  3. ECEC and PS (primary school) teachers relieved from pressure through greater involvement of parents in their children's education.

Project Results

Project Partners


Articles - Meetings - Training - Events

TPM2 – Belgrade, Serbia

On the 9th of November, the partners attended their second Transnational Project Meeting (TPM2) via a hybrid meeting to examine the project’s progress. Currently, the consortium has managed to complete Project Result 1 (PR1) and Project Result 2 (PR2), which included the development and digitalization of the “School Readiness Assessment Tool”. In addition, the partners…

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Kick-off Meeting

KICK-OFF MEETING: Croatia DATE:  11/2021 HOSTING ORGANIZATION: Parents’ Association “Step by Step”    “School helps young people acquire basic life skills and competences that are necessary for their personal development. The quality of a pupil’s school experience affects not only their development, but also their place in society, level of educational attainment, and employment opportunities.…

The Consortium

Contact us

Parents’ Association “Step by Step”

Address: Ilica 73, 10 000 Zagreb
Tel: +385 1 4855 578
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